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SolutionsIQ Agile Learning Series

Please join us for our Agile Learning Series at 4pm on 15 February. During this event, you will get to spend time with Agile practitioners William Rowden (Software Development Coach, Scrum Process Coach, and Certified ScrumMaster at SolutionsIQ) and Vibhu Srinivasan (Certified Scrum Trainer, Agile Practitioner/Coach, and Managing Director of SolutionsIQ India) and learn best practices in Agile and Scrum. You will also get to share your stories so that others can benefit from your experiences.


When: 15 February at 4:00pm
Where: Monsanto, Manyata Embassy Business Park,E2 Block, 7th Floor, B Wing, Silver Oak.Nagavara Outer ring road, Bangalore -45

Manyata Technology Park, Bangalore
Audience: Managers, Project Managers, ScrumMasters, Product Managers, and Agile Enthusiasts


Lean Workflow: A Parable in Pictures
William Rowden

This talk is the tale of two Scrum teams, team Shu that watched utilization and team Ha that watched lead time, diagrammed on their task boards. Watching work in progress on a task board is sufficient to explain throughput, local sub-optimization, constraints, utilization, efficiency, service time, lead time and why even Scrum teams would benefit from a Kanban. Additional maps illustrate wait time, value streams, and wastes. The result is an introduction to Lean, its pillars and principles, primarily in pictures.

Desi Agile: Challenges Faced by Indian Agile teams — A Consulting Story
Vibhu Srinivasan

This session highlights the unique challenges faced by Agile teams in India, including the role of a manager and how many teams feel the pressure of outsourcing Agile. This presentation is based on the experience Vibhu has had over the last two years as he consulted with companies that were transitioning to Agile practices. 

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Monsanto, Manyata Embassy Business Park
E2 Block, 7th Floor, B Wing, Silver Oak.Nagavara Outer ring road, Bangalore -45
Bangalore, Karnataka